N. Amati

N. Amati

1644, Baroque copy, made by Malcolm Healey, 2012

Thomas smith

Thomas smith

circa 1750


Gustave Bazin

circa 1900

H.E. Blondelet, Paris

H.E. Blondelet, Paris

circa 1921

Derazey school

Derazey school

circa 1900

Gustave Bernardel school

Gustave Bernardel school

Jules Camille Boulangeot

Jules Camille Boulangeot


Colin Mezin

Colin Mezin

cinca 1890

A selection from the violins we have for sale

Below £1,000
½ size , Breton Brevete ,French, c1900
½ size, a good selection of French and German.
¾ size, a good selection of French and German.
Paesold. Modern. 
German, circa 1900. 
German, circa 1910, with a castle carved onto the back.
£1,000 to £4,000
German, circa 1980. Finished in our shop. 
German, Hawkes and Son, circa 1910.
Belgium, by Dellile, ‘Old Bull’ model, 2007.
German, Wilham Durrschmidt, 1971.
German, Lowendahl school, Circa 1880.
German, Schoenback school, circa 1920.
German, Herman Todt, 1925.
Welsh, R. J.Williams, Llandudno, circa 1933.
German, circa 1900, with a Pagannini print on the back.
Ladislav R. Prokop, Bohemia, 1903.
German, karl Muller.
French, Barnabeti, JTL, circa 1900.
German, Wolf Bros, circa 1889.
English, James Brunswick, Berwick, 1893.
French,Mennegand, circa 1862.
English, Thomas Smith, Lanarkshire, circa
French, Albert Deblaye, circa 1926.
English, E. Whitmarsh, circa 1880.
English, Leslie Fisher, circa 1929. 
English, Frank Howard, Nottingham, circa 1918.
German, Ficker, circa 1937,
German, Joseph Kriner, circa 1830.
French, Rinaldi, circa 1889.
£4,000 and above
French, Boulanget, circa 1924.
French, H. E. Blondelet, circa 1921.
French, H. E. Blondelot, circa 1924.
French, Gustav Bernadel, circa  1880.
Scotish, James Hardie and Sons, circa 1892
Scotish, James Hardie. Maggini model, circa1881.
French, Colin Mezin, circa 1904.
French, H. Derazey, circa 1870.
French, Colin Mezin, circa 1891
French, Colin Mezin, circa 1892.
French, Paul Bailey, circa 1901.
German, Johann Gottfried Hamm, circa 1810.
Ireland, Perry and Wilkinson, circa 1803.
French, Lupot, circa 1800

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