About Us

Malcolm making instrumentsMalcolm's love of Classical music was kindled at school, where he took up the piano trumpet and Double Bass.

Malcolm's  early career was spent as a professional musician, after training at Kneller hall, then serving with the Grenadier Guards Band. It was during this time that Malcolm developed a keen interest in making and repairing from a fellow musician who was taking part time tuition. This led to his studying for 4 years at the London College of furniture  in London, under Patricia Naismith (making) and Harold Hearne (restoration) formally workshop foreman of W.E.Hill and sons.

At the end of his training he won the Hill's prize in 1981 ,and 2 years after graduating he was appointed visiting lecturer in restoration at the college! He was also later appointed as visiting tutor for violin making to the college evening classes. He subsequently became visiting lecturer tutoring the developing violin making and repairing course at Merton technical college. He is still one of the external examiners for this course.

Malcolm has enjoyed a long career in violin making and restoration. His work is highly regarded both as a restorer and maker with a number of instruments currently played by both professional and amateur players.

Malcolm is still in demand as a freelance Double Bass player which he mixes with regular games of Badminton and Cycling.

Jane met Malcolm in a bass section at a rehearsal in 1978 at the end of her degree course in music and education. During this time and after she too had developed an interest in repairing and had received private tuition in basic repair and bow rehairing from Arthur Hunt, who at that time was one of the very few restorers of Double Basses in the country.

After a spell working in state education Jane has subsequently taught the Double Bass independently including students from the Royal Academy of Music. Over the years several of her students have won scholarships, gone on to University  or achieved places in the National Youth Orchestra and National Children's Orchestra.

Since starting to play the Bass at school in Leicestershire Jane has continued to enjoy playing the Bass in a semi-professional role, mixing both the above interests with helping Malcolm to run the business. She has a passion for basses that are light and easy to play and has a good personal collection of basses which she enjoys playing.

Jane also plays the piano and in her early days also learnt Cello and Viola! Living on Boxhill also allows her to indulge her love of walking. 

Jane with double bass Malcolm with double bass Jane and Malcolm with double bass